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Welcome to Weiler Abrasives, a company rooted in a rich history that spans over a century. Our story begins in 1879 when Franz Swaty laid the foundation for the production of mineral-bonded abrasives in Europe. Shortly thereafter in 1898 Master Brushmaker, Joseph E. Weiler, commenced the manufacturing of polishing brushes in Pforzheim, Germany. In 1927, his son Karl E. Weiler, also a Master Brushmaker, ventured across the Atlantic and in 1944 started the Weiler Brush Company in a converted chicken coop on Long Island, New York. 

From those humble beginnings, the business continued to grow, prompting a pivotal move to Cresco, Pennsylvania, nestled in the heart of the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, in 1957. Meanwhile, in 1958, Comet emerged in Europe, the company specialized in magnesite-based artificial abrasives and would merge with Swaty to become SwatyComet in 2010; one of the largest manufacturers of bonded abrasives in the world. 

Our journey extends beyond geographical boundaries, marked by milestones such as the introduction of industry-standard brushes, expansion into Mexico, strategic acquisitions, and groundbreaking innovations. In 2012, Weiler acquired Rei Abrasives, in Brazil, and expanded its manufacturing capabilities into bonded abrasives. In 2015, Weiler proudly expanded its footprint in Europe by acquiring SwatyComet. Today, operating under the unified brand Weiler Abrasives, we continue our legacy of excellence, innovation, and commitment to providing top-notch abrasives worldwide. Explore our website to discover the evolution of Weiler Abrasives. 

Key Milestones

1879: Franz Swaty establishes a factory focused on mineral bonded abrasives.

1898: Joseph E. Weiler began manufacturing polishing brushes for the jewelry industry in Pforzheim, Germany.

1903: Franz Swaty’s hone receives a gold medal in Köln.

1944: Karl E. Weiler began manufacturing polishing brushes in a converted chicken coop in Franklin Square, Long Island, N.Y.

1953: Positioned as the sole producer of abrasives in Yugoslavia.

1957: Relocation of the company from Long Island to its current location in Cresco, Pennsylvania.

1958: Establishment of Comet as a manufacturer of magnesite-based artificial abrasives.

1970: Introduction of fire-resistant materials production intended for the foundry industry.

1971: Karl M. Weiler becomes president.

1979: Introduction of the 13131 industry standard "Stringer Bead" brush.

1979: Production start of reinforcement meshes for grinding wheels in Loče.

1981: Beginning of vitrified bonded grinding wheels production. Trial production of bakelite-bonded diamond grinding wheels.

Trial production of bakelite-bonded diamond grinding wheels.

1984: Beginning of glass fabrics weaving in Loče.

1987: Introduction of composite construction nylon abrasive "NYLOX" brushes.

1988: Weiler launches Tiger Abrasives and manufactures flap discs in Cresco; the first to manufacture coated abrasive flap discs in the U.S.

1992: Flap disc production begins.

1999: The first commercial subsidiary outside the USA opens – Weiler de México.

2000: Weiler becomes the power brush market share leader in the USA with the acquisition of Anderson Products.

2004: Acquisition of ToroFlex Schleifmittel GmbH.

2010: Chris Weiler becomes president.

2010: Merger of the companies Swaty & Comet, resulting in the new company SwatyComet.

2012: Rei Abrasives in Brazil acquired – expands manufacturing into bonded abrasives.

2015: Weiler acquires SwatyComet in Slovenia.

2015: Introduction of Tiger X flap discs with industry-first X3 technology.

2016: Tiger brand extended to a full range of cutting and grinding products.

2017: Introduction of the new product brand Metalynx to the market.

2018: National innovation gold award for Ultracut Solid-Core Technology.

National innovation gold award for Metalynx ceramic.

2019: Pipeline specific products launched.

2021: Legacy brands discontinuation, moving forward focusing on Metalynx and Toroflex product brands in EMEA.

2022: Weiler launches a full range of foundry products globally.

2023: Weiler expands global footprint by opening a production facility in Juárez, Mexico.

2023: Arjang "AJ" Roshan-Rouz is chosen as CEO to lead the next chapter of growth.

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